Swing line Bars of Padauk wood. This wood has an intense red colour. It has a very good sound, however its density is lower than Rosewood. Padauk is ideal in this kind of instruments used for music learning.

Lámina de Xilofono de Palo Rojo


Samba line Bars of Rosewood. This wood is treated and dried for several years prior to use to ensure optimum tuning accuracy, warm timbre, and resonance under all conditions. Rosewood is ideal in this kind of instruments used for professional musicians.

To identify Rosewood bars, you may check that wood exhibits different appearances, for example lighter or darker shades and various levels of grain. These are natural characteristics of real Rosewood bars.

Lamina de xilófo de Palo Santo



Samba and Swing lines  – Bars are made of special Aluminium alloy. Extra thickness and curvature provide rich tone and projection.

Bars are lacquered with a special mixture that provides strength enough for stricking.

Lamina de Metalófono de aleación de aluminio



Samba line  – Glockenspiel bars are made of an specific alloy in order to avoid sound variations due to temperature and humidity changes.

Láminas de carrillón



Every bar is treated and precision overtone tuned to A-440 Hz, which is the standard pitch. Tuning process ensures that the instrument is ready to be played with other orchestra instruments in any environmental conditions.




Swing line – The resonator box is made of plywood. The assembly is made without screws. The material used for junctions is specifically designed for this purpose. The main advantage of this assembling with no screws is that, as long as time passes, screws and holes loose consistence and annoying vibrations appear.


Samba line – Our professional line is made of solid American Pine. Solid wood let the acoustic waves spread smoothly and the result is a better sound. Besides, the sonority is getting better as the time passes.

Caja de resonancia




Curved bars enable the accurate striking of individual bars to bring out the bright resonance. Note names are stamped onto the centre of each bar for easy identification.

The hole in top of bar is designed to allow easy removal. The holding bars system provides stable and safe playing support. Rubber cord is covered with thread to give it consistence.

Resonator boxes have extra holes to keep the mallets and easy handling design. Moreover, Samba Música supplies wheeled instruments.

Proper mallets are provided with each instrument.




Samba Música provides any component of its instruments: bars, mallets, holding bar system or holders.




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