Gines Ruiz, a specialist in metal handcrafts, officially established Samba in 1949, however the company’s work actually began many years with the manufacturing of guitar capos and fasteners in the family garage.

By the 1980s, Samba’s success was apparent when the company was passed down to the next generation. The company had acquired a larger facility and also expanded into several other instrument product lines. Samba was one of the first to exhibit at the Intermusic international music trade show and has received several awards from the artisan association, which is one of the Spanish’s most prestigious honors.

 The company’s craftsmen work closely with music teachers and musicians to learn about their needs and concerns, then produce instruments that more than satisfy the requirements of both educators and musicians.

As a result, Samba has successfully been manufacturing school instruments for more than 60 years. Nowadays the artisan’s pride in each handcrafted instrument is apparent in the beaty, quality and sound of the products we craft. We believe that perfect harmony between family tradition and high-tech development is possible, in order to obtain modern and quality good items.

Samba Musica factory